Flatline Barriers

Flatline Barriers

Flatline Barriers Sound Dampening Heat Barriers and Car Insulation

First Place Auto Parts is proud to offer the Flatline Barriers brand of sound dampening and heat barrier insulation for popular GM, Mopar, and Ford cars and trucks from the 1960s through the 1980s. Flatline Barriers’ products are easy to install, peel, and stick type sound and heat barrier product that goes beneath the carpet or in the doors that significantly reduces sound and heat penetration into the driver's cabin. Available in bulk sheets or die-cut for exact fitment car specific kits, Flatline Barriers products may be the most important product you install on your project that you will never see. Details make the difference in how your car looks, feels, and performs. Whether you need a sound dampening kit for a 1946 GM Truck or a full insulation kit for a 1962 Corvette hardtop, go with Flatline Barriers products for the kind of detail that matters for your project.

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