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Every car or truck has standard electrical applications and ignition parts, like spark plugs or ignition coils. But when it comes to improving performance, every part counts. If you want that improvement, you need to upgrade from your standard or stock ignition or electrical parts. And First Place Auto Parts has what you need to make it happen.

Ignition systems have parts that you can use on a more powerful vehicle, like spark plug wires and ignition coils. Ignition coils themselves are a great way to boost your battery’s voltage, and performance ignition coils can handle a higher voltage than stock coils. A higher voltage gives your engine a hotter, more efficient spark for more combustion power. Ignition coils come in an array of different styles, including canister ignition coils with a cylindrical shape. Different coils have different applications too. If you do road racing, you want a coil capable of handling long applications and a high RPM. Whatever you want, we have it in stock for you.

High-performance spark plugs have their benefits as well. And we sell spark plug wire sets that will transfer the spark from your ignition coil to your plug. By using high-performance spark plug wires, you’ll be able to handle the higher amounts of heat from your improved engine performance. These wires are more durable and transfer more spark energy for a more efficient process, making them essential for anyone trying to upgrade their ignition performance.

Better engine performance is what everyone thinks of when it comes to performance parts. But that’s only part of the project. You need to upgrade your ignition and electrical systems to handle your higher-performing engine. Search First Place Auto Parts for those necessary upgrades.

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