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Performance Engine Parts By Holley, Hooker and Weiand

Valve Cover Sets, Accessory Mounts and Pulleys, Motor Mounts and Much More

All excellent vehicle performance begins and ends with a good engine. And for a high-performing car, you’ll be putting your engine through a lot of extra work to get its best performance. You can ease the stress of a high-performance engine and keep it protected with high-performance engine parts and accessories.

Engine valve covers are an affordable and effective way to keep your engine’s insides protected. Performance valve covers are made from special materials, like diecast aluminum, which makes them sturdier and more resistant to cracking and warping than standard valve covers. You can also get valve cover sets with high-quality finishes in colors like red, orange, and black. Engine contamination is easy to prevent, so be sure to upgrade your valve covers immediately. For other great ways to add greater functionality and style to your engine, check out other accessories, like a performance engine pan or replacement oil tube.

High performance isn’t just about maintaining a good engine, though. You’ll also need to upgrade your engine parts for greater power. For better belt alignment, you can pick up a performance alternator bracket. A failing alternator can cause stalling, noises, or in worst cases a dead battery. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a loose alternator belt. Picking up an alternator bracket prevents your alternator belt from becoming unaligned under high-performance conditions.

If you demand a lot from your engine, make sure it’s also being treated its best. Shop engine performance parts with us, and you can find the best quality materials for a strong, long-running engine system.

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