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Performance Cooling Systems by Frostbite, SPAL, and Weiand

Water Pumps, Radiators, Cooling Fan Assemblies and Shrouds, and Intercoolers

When you’re amping up your car’s performance, you’ll probably increase your engine’s combustion for greater power. That means your engine is going to generate a lot more heat. Standard cooling systems can’t keep up. You’ll need to upgrade to a performance cooling system to keep your engine from overheating.

Your radiator is one of the most recognizable parts of your car’s cooling system. Because it’s so essential, a performance radiator upgrade seems like the perfect place to start. Performance radiators are made from more lightweight materials and have unique designs that disperse engine heat more quickly. This keeps your car running cooler under more demanding conditions.

A performance engine water pump will help keep your engine cool with increased coolant flow. They have detailed looks that scream performance, including sleek black or polished finishes. Upgrading your water pump to an electric model will get rid of any problems you have with your current pump, which means greater horsepower and less drag. Electric water pumps give you more control over your vehicle, so it’s easier to operate a cooler engine. They’re a must-have for your cooling system.

Don’t forget about your performance engine fan. You can pick up an engine fan with curved blades to increase your cooling system’s airflow and dramatically reduce your engine’s temperature. You can also check out engine fan accessories, like replacement shrouds and mounting brackets.

You demand a lot from your engine’s performance, so make sure it can keep up with the best possible parts. To keep your engine cool under pressure, shop with First Place Auto Parts.

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