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Classic Car Trim, Body Mounts,Weather Stripping and Lenses

First Place Auto Parts has a complete offering of exterior emblems, lenses and weather strip body parts for your 1960-1980's GM, Ford and Mopar muscle cars and trucks. Whether its emblems and trim, lenses, weatherstrip or body mount bushings or anything else in-between, First Place Auto Parts has you covered!

Your restoration project isn't done until you know the body is secure, the cabin is airtight, and no one has to guess what you are driving because it is clearly labeled with the proper badges and emblems. We have everything you need here to put the finishing touches on your classic car. Shop at First Place Auto and save on countless choices for popular classic cars, including Mopar's early Dodge and Chrysler models, Monte Carlo hood emblems and weather stripping for Chevelle, Nova, Camaro, and more!

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