Flowmaster Muffler and Exhaust

First Place Auto Parts is a proud partner of Holley and Flowmaster exhaust products. Flowmaster is committed to producing the best automotive exhaust products on the market. They take great pride in being known as “The Exhaust Technology Company.”  Flowmaster's mission is to bring you quality exhaust products through advanced manufacturing experience and innovation. Their products have been designed to work in combination with the existing exhaust assembly to maximize your vehicle’s performance. First Place Auto Parts knows that the devil is in the details and that is why we trust Flowmaster for your project muscle car.

Manufacturer of performance air intakes, turbo boost modules, performance exhaust systems, mufflers, headers, catalytic converters, race mufflers, and countless other exhaust accessories for classic muscle cars, Jeeps, trucks, off-road, late model cars, SUV’s, and more. Flowmaster produces the largest selection of exhaust options on the market, with 12 different designs of chambered mufflers, 3 “laminar-flow” mufflers and a brand new line of FlowFX straight-through performance mufflers, 5 categories of exhaust systems based on their sound, which gives you the option to customize the sound of your vehicle to mild, moderate or aggressive tones and sound levels. Since 1983, Flowmaster has been known as the company you can trust and leads the industry in offering only the best performance exhaust products you can buy for your vehicles.

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