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There is nothing better than winning. Except maybe, when you get something for your car out of it. At First Place Auto Parts we want to do more than sell you parts; we want to actively help you finish off or upgrade your ride. Starting in 2021, we have been conducting giveaway sweepstakes to award one lucky person at a time with a chance to complete their ride, on our dime.

If you would like a to enter one of our contests please click the links below, and fill out the form. Winners will be chosen at random and at times designated on the entry form. Be sure to enter once per day for the best chances, and check back often for other giveaways.

Here's a look back at our Past Winners.


Richard W.

Richard Washington

2016 Honda Civic Sedan


Congratulations to Richard W. for winning our first ever giveaway! Richard walked away with $2000 worth of Rev Wheels. He opted for the Rev Wheels Rev 109 Classic Series Magnums for his 2016 Honda Civic. These stunning wheels fit Mopar A/B/E, measure 17" x 7", 5" x 4.5", and come in Platinum finish. Check out his prize here. Congrats Richard, and enjoy the new wheels!



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