Today in the First Place Studio we are talking about the most popular "Day 2" upgrades for your classic cars. These car upgrades are usually the best bang for buck when it comes to getting the most out of a single upgrade. One of the biggest things to think about when you start to modify your project car or truck is, what do you want out of this car? Do you want it to be restored to its former glory or do you want it to be a street pounding, turn hugging machine. With that in mind here are our picks for the best bang for buck upgrades for your project! 

1. Exhaust!
When changing your exhaust there are different route you can go. Swapping out your stock muffler is usaully the cheapest option to go with. In some cases it may be best for what you want out of the car to change the headers, or even go to a full aftermarket catback or heads back exhaust system. 

2. Fuel System!
Which we are including carburetor, intake manifold, even your fuel pump. More fuel tied with the air exiting easier, will unlock some of your cars performance. 

3. Wheels!
Changing out your wheels and tires not only compliments the looks of the car or truck. A tire with more grip and a lighter weight wheel can also help with your cars preformance.

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