Video: How To Make an LS Engine Look Perfect In A Classic Car

Posted by David Alkire on Sep 17th 2021

Some people say they miss the look of a small block or big block when they pop the hood of a project car. With the debate of which is better, a Chevy Small Block or a LS Engine Swap, is still in the air. Some people just want to be able to start up and go. That is no reason to let your engine bay fall short. Today we are talking about what you can do to General Motor …
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Video: Carburetor VS Fuel Injection | Is It Worth The Swap?

Posted by David Alkire on Sep 9th 2021

With classic cars and trucks you have two options when it comes to fuel management. Carburetors and electronic fuel injection can be hard to choose from. We offer brands like Holley, Holley EFI, Quick Fuel, Demon Carburators, MSD Atomic EFI to help you make sure you are getting the best parts! // -Shop MSD Atomic EFI: https://fp …
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So its time to replace our OEM radiator in our 87 square body shop truck with a Cold Case Aluminum Radiator. With this kit being a direct fit, Cold Case makes installation easy. Like ours shown in the todays video, radiator can be bought as a kit to include a shroud and fans to get the most out of your need cooling setup! // - Link to Co …
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Video: Turbochargers VS Superchargers - Which is Better?

Posted by David Alkire on Sep 2nd 2021

In todays video we are talking about BOOST! When it comes to making power out of your project car or truck, nothing works or sounds as good as forced induction. With brands such as Weiand, Whipple, Magnuson, Vortech, STS turbo in the game you have a lot of options to choose from. So things to consider would be, "how much power do I want?", "How much power can my moto …
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There are many options when it comes to changing parts of your exhaust. Headers, Cat back and axel back exhaust or even the simple muffler delete or replace can do the trick for some people. With brands like Borla, Corsa, Flowmaster, FlowFX, Magnaflow, Pypes, Hooker Headers and Hooker Blackheart supplying some of the best performing and best sounding exhausts on the …
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