Today we are talking about PUI Interiors. First Place Auto Parts is proud to offer the PUI Interiors brand of seat upholstery, door panels, and interior products for popular GM, Mopar, and Ford cars and trucks from the 1950s through the 1990s. For the last 43 years PUI has been the gold standard in restoration interior parts. They manufactures interior soft good prod …
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Today trucks are mostly used as work horses or daily drivers. A big part of keeping a truck around for a long period of time is protecting high traffic or heavy use areas, like the bed. There are many ways to protect the bed of your truck including, Rubber bed mats, drop in plastic bed liners, spray in bed liners and drop in carpet bed liner. So stay tuned to todays …
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Video: 1988 98 Chevy & GMC OBS Trucks | What To Know BEFORE Buying One
So you want to buy a classic truck? Are square body trucks a little out of your price range now? The OBS truck maybe perfect for you! In todays video we are going over everything you need to know before buying an GM OBS truck // - Shop Performance: Here - Shop Holley Parts: Here - Shop GM Truck store: Here Follow us on our soci …
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Video: Earl's Braided Fuel & Brake Lines vs Rubber Lines | Which is Better & Why
First Place Auto Parts is proud to offer Earl’s Performance Products. Earl’s was founded by Earl Fouts in 1955 in Lawndale, California to supply high-quality military aircraft surplus plumbing components to the automotive racing industry. The military surplus availability gradually went away, but there was still a need for automotive plumbing products in the racing communi …
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