Posted by David Alkire on Oct 19th 2020

HOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE A HARDTOP OR SEDAN BODY STYLE Picture this; its late at night and your about to order an interior for your classic muscle car online and the parts are shown to fit either a Hardtop or Sedan Body style. Are you positive which one you have? It’s a frequently asked question and depending on the parts your ordering for your muscle car project, it …
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Product Spotlight: 1975-80 CHEVROLET C10 TRUCK “CHEYENNE” FENDER EMBLEM Figure 1:New Trim Parts "Cheyenne" fender emblem shown If you are lucky enough to own a 1975-80 Chevrolet square body truck then you know how hot these trucks are right now. The good news is that production ran for 14 years and there were a lot of them made. The bad news is that most of these tru …
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Video: Top 8 Things That Can Affect Brake Bias

Posted by David Alkire on Oct 13th 2020

In this video, we identify the top 8 modifications that can affect the brake bias on your car and what you may need to add in order to correct it. Change the size or diameter of your wheels? Install larger rotors or multi-piston calipers on your car? Drop an LS engine where there used to be a big block Chevy? The effects these mods have on braking performance and brake bias …
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Video: Brake Booster Buyers Guide

Posted by David Alkire on Oct 13th 2020

Thinking of adding a disc brake conversion or updating your American muscle car or trucks power brakes? This video identifies and answers 3 frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the correct power brake booster for your application. Watch the video to better understand what you should take into consideration before choosing a power brake booster for your Cam …
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Video: How To Bench Bleed a Master Cylinder

Posted by David Alkire on Sep 28th 2020

Video shows the correct way to bench bleed a new master cylinder. Performing this process before installation will go a long way in making sure you don't have a soft brake pedal due to air in the master cylinder when repairing or installing new brake components on your car. Shot at The Right Stuff brake company while restoring a 1969 Chevelle big block car and produced by Fir …
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