Podcast: Between the Guardrails Ep. 1

Posted by Zach Fair on Apr 26th 2024

 The podcast episode from "Between the Guardrails" features David and Zach, car enthusiasts from First Place Auto Parts, engaging in a lively conversation about their love for cars. David describes himself as an old-school car guy, whereas Zach leans towards modern European cars. They discuss their personal car preferences, experiences, and the purpose behind their podcast.

 David recounts his history with classic American muscle cars, including a 1956 Chevrolet Gasser, while Zach shares his passion for modern European vehicles like BMWs and MINIs. Despite their different tastes, they both share a deep appreciation for cars and the automotive community.

 The duo delves into the importance of their podcast in filling a gap in the industry, aiming to unite enthusiasts from various car backgrounds. They discuss favorite car shows, including David's affinity for the Tri-Five Nationals in Kentucky and Zach's experience with the unique "Mall of Stance" event.

 Additionally, they touch on the significance of race cars in car shows, debating whether all race cars are show cars but not all show cars belong on the track. Their conversation showcases their genuine love for cars, the importance of customer satisfaction, and the camaraderie within the automotive community.

 Listeners are encouraged to engage with the podcast by providing feedback, questions, or suggestions for future episodes. Overall, the episode offers a captivating glimpse into the passion and expertise of the hosts, making it a must-listen for car enthusiasts everywhere.

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