Video: How to Diagnose & Replace a GM HVAC Blower Motor

Posted by David Alkire on Mar 3rd 2021

Today in the First Place Auto Parts shop we will diagnose and repair the heater and AC blower motor found on many GM vehicles made from the 70's thru the late 80's including the Chevy C10 square body we have in the shop.

It's common for the rear blower motor shaft bearing to seize on the shaft and make a howling or screeching noise indicating the need for replacement. A failing blower motor hurts the efficiency of the heating and AC abilities to heat and cool the vehicle.

I doesn't matter if. you have a Camaro, Chevelle, Nova or other GM muscle car or truck, we show how to remove and install a new blower motor and what to look out for when ordering your replacement blower motor.

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