Video: Most Popular and Effective Brake Upgrades

Posted by David Alkire on Jul 9th 2021

Today in the shop we are talking about the best and most effective brake upgrades you can do to your project car or truck. First part we would recommend changing would be your brake pads. When changing your brake pads you need to think about what you are going to be doing with the car. If you want to track the car you will need a sportier brake pad to withstand the higher temps. Sportier brake pads can also create more brake dust, so think about picking up and strong wheel cleaner. Next part to change would be the brake rotors. When changing the rotors you can choose between plain rotors, drilled and slotted rotors and just drilled or just slotted rotors. Some big brake kits can also come with muilti-piece rotors. Drilled and slotted rotors help expel built up gas, dissipate hate and lower you unsprung weight. WHICH MAKES YOUR CAR FASTER...even if just by a little.

We talk about this and more in todays video, so stay tuned!

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