We were out at the Lassiter Mountain Dragway to cover the Southeast Gasser Association takeover event where they were running 1/8th Mile drags.

What makes up a Gasser? A Classic Gasser car is any closed body production vehicle from the mid 1930s through the 1960s. Usually Gasser drag cars will be stripped of all extra weight and the front end of the car will be lifted in the air for better weight distribution. There are also different racing classes for a Gasser. The "/GAS" class is determined by a cubic inch to weight formula. Mostly getting the larger V8s motor in A/GAS class, and smaller cubic inch V8s living in the B/GAS AND C/GAS. Super Stock class or S/S class, also had a lively bunch of drivers out there. Super Stock class is where all of the OE manufacturer used to play and where drivers like Ronnie Sox, Dick Landy, Butch Leal and Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins battled it out.

Last but not least we have the A/FX class. The A/FX class is the precursor to what we know know as the funny car class.

If you ever have the chance be sure to make it out to a Gasser event! You wont be disappointed.

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