Video: The Shop Tools Every Garage Needs

Posted by David Alkire on Jun 3rd 2021

As car people, at some point, you are going to need work on your project car or truck. Today in the garage we are going over the tools that will help you get the job done. To start a good tool box is always a good pick. A tool box will help keep everything organized while you search for your 10MM socket. Somethings to think about when buying a tool box is, how much space do you have to work with in the garage and the amount and the size of the tool you already have. Also remember that you will probably have this tool box for a while so also plan for future tools as well.

Next will be a work bench. Some ideas to get the most out of your work bench are, make sure your work bench are sturdy enough for heavy parts to be on it. A work bench could be freestanding or an island style cabinet. If you want to use a cabinet think about putting it on wheels to make it moveable.

A vise and nice lighting is a great addition to any work bench.

Two more things every garage needs would be a nice jack and jack stands. When buying a these, DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEAPEST OPTION! So be sure to go after good quality part, for the safety of you and your wallet. You really don't want anything less than a 3 ton jack and jack stands. Just to make sure you can work on just about any project that rolls into your shop.

We are going to end this with one that is kind of a no brainer, which is an air compressor. There are lots of different options for air compressors, the biggest thing to keep in mind is the space you have available in your garage... BUT air compressors are like torque ratings on clutches... get more than what you need.

Follow this guide and you'll be ready for todays and tomorrows projects!

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