Trim Parts Cheyenne Emblem

Figure 1:New Trim Parts "Cheyenne" fender emblem shown

If you are lucky enough to own a 1975-80 Chevrolet square body truck then you know how hot these trucks are right now. The good news is that production ran for 14 years and there were a lot of them made. The bad news is that most of these trucks were used (and abused) as trucks and much of the cool detail items on the exterior is either broken, missing, pitted or faded.

Trim Parts is well known in the muscle car restoration market for making obscenely accurate and highly detailed emblems and lenses that fit, function and perform exactly as GM, Ford and Mopar designed them. They have now turned their attention to the Chevrolet square body and are producing high quality, restoration grade interior and exterior trim products for this much-loved vehicle.

They say the devil is in the details and Trim Parts has nailed the details on this “Cheyenne” fender emblem. Packaged and shipped in a protective plastic sleave, these emblems ship as a pair of emblems (one for each front fender) and includes new OEM style speed nuts that GM used back in the day to install many of their exterior emblems.

Trim Parts Cheyenne Emblems

Figure 2: New emblems ship as a pair and include attachment hardware

In using the highest quality materials and components, Trim Parts was able to capture the colorful essence of the starburst and “10” portion of the logo like no other emblem currently available before. By using automotive grade paint that is color matched to the perfect shade of red, this product adds a splash of color that is highly detailed and will be durable.

Emblem Detail

Figure 3: Highly detailed paint masks are used when applying automotive grade paint to the emblem

The attention to detail continues with the highly polished and triple chrome plated letter surrounds and the correct pebble grain finish found on the inset of the letters. Crisp edges, correct letter spacing and overall finish are exactly like the original emblems were when the trucks were new.

Pebble Grain Close Up

Figure 4:Highly detailed and correct pebble grain letter inset shown

To ensure ease of installation, the emblems location pins on the back side of the emblem are in the correct space and location as the OEM emblems were and are the correct diameter. When shipped, the location pins have protective rubber caps installed to prevent against damage.

Chevrolet Truck Emblem

Figure 5:Emblems location pins with protective rubber shipping caps installed shown

We installed the new “Cheyenne” front fender emblems on the First Place Auto Parts shop truck. The square body trucks did not come with a lot of emblems on them which makes it all-the-more important that the emblems that are on the truck are in very good condition. The new emblems added a level of detail to our shop truck that deserved and needed.

Chevrolet Truck Emblem

Figure 6:Cool looking Cheyenne

To order the Trim Parts “Cheyenne” front fender emblems or other high-quality restoration parts for your 1960-80’s GM muscle car or truck, go to First Place Auto Parts easy to use website ( or speak to one of our parts experts (1-877-797-1969). We are enthusiasts just like yourself and want to help you make you dream car or truck become a reality.

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