The Ultimate Threadlock How To

Posted by David Alkire on May 14th 2021

Threadlock Hi guys, David here. Today we are going to talk about Threadlock and how to determine which color and strength you need for your project. Threadlock is an anerobic adhesive that is used on bolt hardware when you don’t want the bolt to loosen up and fall out due to vibration and heat & heat and cooling cycles. For most automotive applications there are 4 stren …
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Engine Oil - What you need to know

Posted by David Alkire on May 5th 2021

Today on Tech Tuesday in the First Place Auto Parts Studio we are going to take a look at a fluid that most car owners take for granted and don’t really understand what it does. Hi guys, David here and today we are going to take a look at some things that you might not know about engine oil and explain what it does inside your engine and why its needed to keep your engine fr …
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How To: Diagnose and Replace a GM HVAC Blower Motor

Posted by David Alkire on Mar 3rd 2021

Is Your AC Not Blowing Air? Car Heater Not Working?How to Diagnose and Replace a GM HVAC Blower Motor Driving a classic muscle car or truck is part of the rewards of ownership and being comfortable when driving adds to the experience. If your AC is not blowing air or car heater is not working, your comfort level may be at risk. Figure 1: Your HVAC blower motor in your c …
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Muscle Car Seat FoamClassic Car Interior Restoration Figure 1:Very nicely restored front bucket seats using new seat foam Of the four components that make up your muscle car’s front bucket seat (seat frame, seat springs, seat foam, and upholstery), seat foam is an item that serves multiple functions in that it will determine the level of comfort and support the driver …
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Muscle Car Seat RestorationClassic Car Upholstery and Interior Restoration Kits Figure 1: Nicely restored 69 Chevelle front bucket seats There is nothing better that rowing the gears of the 4-speed in your favorite muscle car on a sunny day, that is unless the front bucket seats in your ride squeak and don’t provide you with the comfort and support they were designed t …
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