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Posted by David Alkire on Mar 3rd 2021

Replacement Cab Molding

First Place Auto Parts Product Review: Trim Parts Cab Moldings
For the 1973-76 Chevrolet C/K 10 Trucks

It’s no secret that the 1973-87 Chevrolet “square body” trucks are very popular currently and their values continue to rise. Trucks of this era were relatively low on creature comforts and were used as trucks. They hauled and pulled things and generally got drove hard and put away wet.

Square Body Truck

The First Place Auto Parts shop truck is a 1975 C10 that spent its life in Georgia. The sun, heat and years of sitting in the elements has dulled and faded the few pieces of aluminum trim that were part of this trucks Cheyenne trim package.

Chevrolet Cab Molding

In particular, the cab corner trim that runs just below the rear window and wraps around the side of the cab were hammered. Oxidized aluminum along with faded and chipped paint were visually distractions from an otherwise good-looking truck.

Replacement Cab Molding

Figure 1: Part number 9930 shown and includes new mounting hardware and template for the 73-76 Square body

Trim Parts has been manufacturing the highest-level emblems and lenses for the muscle car restoration market recently released their cab moldings for the 1973-76 and 1977-87 Chevrolet C/K Series trucks.

New Cab Molding

Figure 2: Ultra correct finish and paint detail are highlights of the new Trim Parts cab corner moldings

Because the cab moldings are very visible and one of the few bright trim pieces that were available on these trucks, Trim Parts nailed the factory finish treatment on the aluminum and paint color that surrounds the bowtie. Another touch of quality is the painted black stripes at the top and bottom of the molding’s pieces. Some manufacturers would be tempted to take the easy and less correct route of using black tape for the strips but not Trim Parts. The OE level details that have been imparted into the moldings’ is the reason why these parts have been reviewed by GM and are GM licensed products.

Details Cab Molding

Figure 3: Crisp and detailed finish of the back side of the corner emblem ensure perfect fitment

Protective Shipping Box

Figure 4:Triangulated shipping box adds strength and prevents transit shipping damage

The level of detail and quality that Trim Parts puts into this part extends to their packaging. How many times have you received a car part in a box that was bent, torn or damaged? It won’t happen with the Trim Parts box. Triangulated for strength, the moldings’ and included mounting hardware are safely and securely mounted within the box and protected by plastic sleeves. If you want to see how much emphasis a manufacturer places on the quality of their product, look at their packaging (or in many cases, the lack of packaging). Trim Parts packaging guarantees that you will receive a damage free product no matter how roughly its handled in the shipping process.

First place Auto Parts Cab Molding

Figure 5: Moldings are secured and protected inside the specially designed box for safe shipping

Trim Parts Cab Molding

Figure 6: Molding, all mounting hardware and template for adding moldings to a truck that didn't come with it are included

Everything you need to either replace your old, faded or damaged cab corner molding or add this decorative, high quality molding to a truck that didn’t originally come equipped with it are included with this molding kit and the difference that it makes in your trucks appearance is noticeable.


Old Cab Molding

Figure 7: Faded and oxidized OE cab corner molding shown

Worn Cab Molding

Figure 8:Oxidized aluminum and faded molding strip shown on OE molding


New Cab Molding

Figure 9: Crisp new Trim and Cab Corners shown

Ultimately, a vehicle is a collection of its parts and it’s the small details that separate the “nice” vehicles from the truly “great” ones. The detail that this new trim added to this 75 Square body truck is both subtle and impactful at the same time. The cab molding is directly in a person’s line of sight. The old, original faded bow tie on the cab corner made the truck look less sharp than it was, even after repainting the truck. The new molding reinforces the image that this is a clean, well taken care of truck.

New Cab Molding

To order the Trim Parts cab corner moldings’ and other high-quality restoration parts for your 1960-80’s GM muscle car or truck, go to First Place Auto Parts easy to use website ( or speak to one of our parts experts (1-877-797-1969). We are enthusiasts just like yourself and want to help you make you dream car or truck become a reality.

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